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I have written the following codes in the setup file and include both sdl_ttf.dll", "SDL.dll in the default folder. But, it shows an error message:

NotImplementedError:font module not available
<Import error: DLL load failed:can't find assigned module>

The code

from distutils.core import setup

import py2exe,sys,os
import pygame


origIsSystemDLL = py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL
def isSystemDLL(pathname):
       if os.path.basename(pathname).lower() in ["sdl_ttf.dll", "SDL.dll"]:
               return 0
       return origIsSystemDLL(pathname)
py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL = isSystemDLL

pygamedir = os.path.split(pygame.base.__file__)[0]
os.path.join(pygamedir, pygame.font.get_default_font()),
os.path.join(pygamedir, 'SDL.dll'),
os.path.join(pygamedir, 'SDL_ttf.dll')

Is there something wrong?

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1 Answer

Your check

if os.path.basename(pathname).lower() in ["sdl_ttf.dll", "SDL.dll"]:

will not work, since you're calling lower() on the filename, but use SDL.dll instead of sdl.dll, so py2exe will not include the sdl library.

You could also try to use this script from the pygame wiki.

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