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I'm a web developer & DevOps engineer living in North Wales, UK with a lot of experience in software development, support and development operations.

I've been involved in a whole bunch of interesting things (see my Experience below), but I'm particularly interested in:

  • Development operations & Unix system administration including configuration management, provisioning and deployment processes. I love to make things work consistently, quickly, and enjoyably for the people that have to work with them.
  • The Python web framework Django - a wonderful tool for building very flexible, quality web systems.
  • Frontend development & architecture, focusing on usability.
  • Documentation and support - it's hard to convince people that good documentation is important, but it's always a priority when I'm working with someone.

When it comes to DevOps, I'm way in to automation, I've used and enjoyed: Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Fabric, Packer, Serf, and all sorts of other good stuff. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of having the right set of tools all working in tandem at the push of a button.

Once a system is live I know the importance of keeping it well monitored and maintained. I've built backup and recovery processes, configured and customised monitoring tools including Nagios, Munin and check_mk, and am familiar with Logstash, Kibana and Graphite.

I love learning - I'm always trying out new tools, frameworks or technologies and breaking them in interesting ways, but I'm just as happy sitting down with tried and true tools like Django and building cool things with them.

I've worked on projects in numerous languages (including Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript) on loads of different platforms and frameworks.

I'm not only in to development - I've spent a lot of time working with IT teams to consult on and improve processes, in particular I have:

  • Successfully introduced the Scrum agile methodology to a team with a very positive response.
  • Lead development teams to deliver complex systems under high pressure situations.
  • Managed the development of websites co-ordinating remotely with partners across the European Union.
  • Been consulted to improve development processes at multiple companies; successfully introducing and training on use of version control, continuous integration & improved development and deployment practices.


Experience (6) show all

Tom Usher Ltd.

June 2009 – Current

Development Operations Engineer

May 2012 – Current

Management of sites & servers: Unix system administration, Apache/MySQL tuning and optimisation, monitoring (nagios), backup tools, configuration management (Chef/Ansible).

Implementation of team processes: Version control workflow, continuous integration, code review. Introduced agile practices (scrum) to the team.

Development of external and internal tools and sites built on Django, Flask, eZPublish & Drupal. Making use of technologies including Redis & RabbitMQ. Implemented payment and subscriptions systems using Stripe, as well as more painful tools like Barclays EPDQ, SagePay and

Technical & Web Manager
MDR Partners

July 2009 – April 2014

Managed web development and IT efforts for large European Union funded projects including: ePSIplatform, EuropeanaLocal, DigCurV & PATHS. Worked with partners across the European Union to ensure their requirements were met, training them in use of systems and making sure they were happy with the tools we were providing.

Designed, built and maintained numerous websites on the eZPublish CMS and on Django.

Configured and managed servers, internal communication systems and IT systems.

Web Developer
Size of Wales

2012 – 2012

Contributed changes to existing Size of Wales Django website to enhance social network integration features and to improve user journeys.

User Experience Designer


User Experience consulation, design and development for Babelsys’ securities processing system, winner of the Best Newcomer award at the Stock Exchange Manager's Association awards 2012.

Fourthdimension Multimedia Studios

2000 – 2008

Developed websites/graphics for a large selection of companies including a project management firm, a recording studio, local and foreign accommodation and many others.

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BEng Hons. Internet Engineering (First Class)
University of Aberystwyth

2007 – 2011

'Best Major Project' award for final year project "Developing a device-agnostic, real-timeARS/PRS system" - a Django and Node.js project for supplementing education in the classroom using mobile devices.

Topics included: Concepts in Programming, Web Programming and Software Development, C & Unix Programming, Database Management, Software Development Lifecycle, Design & HCI

National Diploma IT
Coleg Menai, Llangefni

2005 – 2007

Course covered: VB.NET Software Development, Computer Systems and Hardware, Systems Analysis/System Design, Networking and Telecommunications


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

2005 – 2006

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GitHub, Oct 2010 - Aug 2014

Final Major Project for my University degree

GitHub, Apr 2012 - Oct 2013

A little personal blog system built on Django.


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