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PHP Web Application: mysql database design best practices question

I am currently in a debate with a coworker about the best practices concerning the database design of a PHP web application we're creating. The application is designed for businesses, and each company that signs up will have multiple users using the application.

My design methodology is to create a new database for every company that signs up. This way everything is sand-boxed, modular, and small. My coworkers philosophy is to put everyone into one database. His argument is that if we have 1000+ companies sign up, we wind up with 1000+ databases to deal with. Not to mention the mess that doing Business Intelligence becomes.

For the sake of example, assume that the application is an order entry system. With separate databases, table size can remain manageable even if each company is doing 100+ orders a day. In a single-bucket application, tables can get very big very quickly.

Is there a best practice for this? I tried hunting around the web, but haven't had much success. Links, whitepapers, and presentations welcome.

Thanks in advance,