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Using two the same libs but libraries of different versions


Using two same libs but different versions

I have 2 libs: owls.jar and envy.jar. They depends on lib jena.jar but two differnet, incompitables versions. envy using old version - jena.jar, owls new - jena2.jar I want to use them togever at web application running on glassfish-3.0.1. I`m using IDEA 11 for deploying my web app.

I have directory tree like this:

  • webapp/web-inf/lib/envy.jar
  • webapp/web-inf/lib/owls.jar
  • webapp/lib/envy/jena.jar
  • webapp/lib/owls/jena2.jar

I add into manifest.mf of envy and owls libs class-path like this: ../../lib/envy/jena.jar

I use -verbose:class option and I always get loaded class from jena.jar.If I`m using or not using envy.jar at all, I always get loaded class from jena.jar. Only if I delete envy.jar then classes loads from jena2.jar

Is there are any way to use both of this libs?