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I want to handle memcache functionality globally via one constant like : define('CACHE_ON',1) or define ('CACHE_ON',0). we use load->driver function in models when fetching/saving records. Is there any function that switches on/off cache functionality?

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You could define your own constant, and then load either the memcache driver, or dummy in the event that CACHE_ON is 0:

// Wherever you load your "cache" driver...
if (defined('CACHE_ON') && !CACHE_ON)
    $this->cache_driver =& $this->cache->dummy;
    $this->cache_driver =& $this->cache->memcache;

If you've referenced the memcache driver directly, you'll have to refactor some code. There's no a global on/off switch, but you can create your own by refactoring.

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