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Please tell me the basic difference between dotnet 2008 and 2010(3.5 and 4.0)

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Do you mean Visual Studio or .NET Framework ? – Canavar Jun 16 '09 at 8:06
That would be 2 and 0.5 respectively. – Nifle Jun 16 '09 at 8:13
@Nifle: Actually -2 and -0.5 :P but I had a pretty good laugh :D – Mike Gleason jr Couturier May 7 '10 at 15:33

MSDN has a number of "What's New" pages up, including:

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Uh, where to start. Here is what I love:

  • all new things about parallel computing
  • "dynamic" keyword and Dynamic Language Routine
  • code contracts
  • new background garbage collector
  • compiling only necessary parts of Primary Interop Assemblies into your application, and compatibility/versioning improvements that this infrastructure allows for pure .NET code
  • new stuff about exception handling (look for corrupted state exceptions)
  • small stuff like BigInteger and SortedSet classes
  • memory-mapped files handling in managed code

and may others, look around on the net, there is a lot of information already.

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I hope I'm not incorrectly reading jignesh's question, but I would have to assume that the linking of a ton of "What's New" pages is probably not what they wanted. I would think that they could have done a search and pulled up that much.

I think what they are looking for is more of a feel for what people can break down for them as a reason to or not to go with a particular version - personal experience, not press releases.

For me, I'd say the biggest things for me that make 2010/4.0 worth the trip are the changes that allow me to distribute a client application without needing the dnFx installed on a machine, the new GC, the crazy-cool "dynamic", and (sadly, yes) the multi-monitor support.

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A simple google brings up...

There are probably a lot more things, the Framework is massive so changes which are interesting for person x might not be as important for person y.

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built in MVC in visual studio 2010 !!!

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In that case (lance may) I must say that my favorites are the dynamic also and the super great solution to multi-threading - the Parallel lib, its really awesome and fast! (nested parallels are not always faster BTW)

But I feel that @jignesh asked if there's a real difference in the engineering structure, how it works from behind, something someone from inside should say, after all decided that it's different enough that if you want 3.5 and 4 in the same machine you need to install them both.

Anyway I would love an answer to that if there is :)

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Difference between Framework 3.5 and Framework 4.0:

  1. EnableViewState - [true or false] in Framework 3.5

    EnableViewState -[Enabled/Disabled/Inherits] in Framework 4.0

  2. Keyword and Description is added in Framework 4.0 while it is not available in Framework 3.5 in the Page Directives.
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