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I want a report. Report format is below:

Thana Good Removed NotFound

A     2     3        4

B      1     0       4

C      1     4       5

Total  4      7      13

I have Three type GOOD, Removed, NotFound on my db data. Format is below:

B NotFound
C Removed

How can I compare string? And after comparing how can I count the A type Good is 2?

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I added srss as a tag because rdlc is the format for Microsoft ReportViewer, which is similar to SRSS. Should make it easier to get answers. – OregonGhost Jun 16 '09 at 8:43

You can use Iif statements in your expression.

For example:

=Iif(Fields!Good.Value = 1, "GOOD IS 1", "GOOD IS NOT 1")


=Iif(Fields!Good.Value > Fields!Removed.Value, "Good is larger than removed", "Good is smaller or equal to removed")
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You should take a look here:

In your case, if i understood correctly you would want to use Sum

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