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I'm adding a task to deploy war files to Tomcat .. the only thing that the task needs to do is copy the war file to the TOMCAT location.

There 2 ways that I can think of implementing this .. but being new to gradle, I'm not quite sure what's more conventional/right (or if it even matters).

task myCopy(type: Copy)

    myCopy.configure {


task myCopy{
     copy {
       from 'source'
       into 'target'
       include '*.war'

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In most cases (including this one), the Copy task is the better choice. Among other things, it will give you automatic up-to-date checking. The copy method is meant for situations where (for some reason) you have to bolt on to an existing task and cannot use a separate task for copying.

The code for your Copy task can be simplified to:

task myCopy(type: Copy) {
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Thanks ... I understand the advantages of automatic up-to-date checking, what are the other advantages? – vicjugador Apr 4 '12 at 17:39
Better style (a task should do one thing and should be explicit about it), better configurability (e.g. from a parent build script and/or using a configuration rule). – Peter Niederwieser Apr 5 '12 at 3:25

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