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I have something like this:

function print_element($array, $field){
  return "Element: {$array[$field]}";

$array['name_en'] = 'English name';
echo print_element($array, 'name_en');

I wish to access a property within an array that belongs to the main array like this:

$array['english_values']['name_en'] = 'English name';
echo print_element($array, "['english_values']['name_en']");

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thx in advance.

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If your function doesn't return anything, you don't need to call echo before it. Your function handles the echo internally. – Sampson Apr 3 '12 at 22:03
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echo print_element($array['english_values'], 'name_en');
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Pass just the string 'english_values,name_en' to your function. Inside the function, explode the string on the comma, then loop through the array and assign $array = $array[$thisKey] on each pass. You may also wish to check that it is_array($array) on each pass.

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You have the array and also the keys try this:

    function print_var($val) {
        echo "VAR: {$val} <br/>";

    $array['english_values']['name_en'] = 'English name';

    // OUTPUT
    // VAR: English name
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