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I need a unique datastore key for users authenticated via openid with the python 2.7 runtime for the google apps engine.

Should I use User.federated_identity() or User.federated_provider() + User.federated_identity()?

In other words is User.federated_identity() unique for ALL providers or just one specific provider?

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User.federated_identity() "Returns the user's OpenID identifier.", which is unique by definition (it's a URL that uniquely identifies the user).

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Thanks for responding Nick. My confusion was with the GAE documentation which states that the User.user_id() will return None for non-google accounts. At least in my initial (cloud) testing it appeared to return a value for all open id providers. Since I was using the idiom ".user_id() or .federated_id()" I never saw the actual federated_id value. I changed my logic to user user_id when on the development server and federated_id otherwise and now I can see that they are obviously unique. –  Shawn Church Apr 5 '12 at 7:54

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