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Let me start by asking if anyone knows of a compiler like simpLESS or LESS.app that will compile LESS into both a minified and non-minified versions of the CSS? Or has anyone modified either of those programs to save both (one for production and one for development).

Working on a very large website and just now able to implement LESS, which is saving us a bunch of time, but also requires a change in workflow. I was hoping somebody that has gone through something similar will know of a possible solution.

Also, haven't looked at LESSphp... Maybe there's an opportunity there to configure it locally to compile what we want.


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You can do pretty much what you want with lessphp –  FelipeAls Apr 3 '12 at 23:17
lessphp doesn't produced the minified version by default, you would have to the minification yourself as the included lessify class will only minify blocks of CSS with one line. –  cchana Apr 4 '12 at 7:54

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SimpLESS has a flag that turns off minification by putting //simpless:!minify into the LESS file. You can then easily set up both minified and non-minified by chaining another LESS file. You'll want your files to look like this:



/*Here goes all your LESS, imports of other LESS files etc*/


@import "main.less";

Get simpLESS to watch both files. Any changes made will make it recompile both versions. You then get main.css which is not minified and main.min.css which is.

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