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I'm using WM_GESTURE to manipulate my 3D scene, and i'd like to perform different gestures if i'm panning with 1 finger or if i'm panning with 2 fingers.

I know that i could get the touches and do everything by myself, but i like to use gestures because it interprets correctly all the touches and transform them into gestures.

How can I, after receiving a GID_PAN event, detect wether the user is using 1 or 2 fingers and its positions?


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I don't think Windows (pre 8) supports multitouch. –  Deanna Apr 4 '12 at 9:30

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I've found out the answer.

After trying to figure it out all day before posting a question here, now i've found this link which explains the function of ullArguments. It will store the distance between the fingers when i'm panning. so if it's a single finger panning, ullArguments will be 0; otherwise, it will be a positive number.

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