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Overview of what I want page to do: Create a dynamic table pulling values from MySQL dB, and display them to user. Each item grabbed will have a radio button to turn that item on or off. When user clicks on radio button JS will automatically reload page and send new values to PHP, which will then update the MySQL dB.

I'm currently stuck at the second part, reading around I learned that AJAX would be a good solution to this problem but I have no AJAX experience and my JS experience is limited.

I feel that I'm really close to a solution but the details evade me. Part where I need the help is outlined in the code:

            <?php require_once("includes/db_connect.php"); ?>
            <?php require_once("includes/functions.php"); ?>
            <?php print '<a href="edit_site.php">Back to Main</a>' . '<br>' . '<br>' ?>
            <?php echo "<center>"; ?>
            //Grab information from JS
            //NEED HELP here ******
            if (isset($_POST['visible']) && !empty($_POST['visible'])) { //Should grab the value of radio buttion ON/OFF
            $visible3 = my_real_escape_string($_POST['visible']);
            $id = intval($_GET['name']); //Should grab the value of $button_num depending on radio clicked
            $sql = "UPDATE gallery_1 SET visible='{$visible3}' WHERE id='{$id}'"; #Run the update
            $result = mysql_query($sql);
            // test to see if the update occurred
            if (mysql_affected_rows() == 1) { #Debug only
            // Success!
            $message = "<font color=\"green\" size=\"8pt\">The page was successfully updated.</font>";
            } else {
            $message = "<font color=\"red\" size=\"8pt\">The page could not be updated.";
            $message .= "<br />" . mysql_error() . "</font>";
            <script type="text/javascript">
            //Reload the page
            //Submit information to PHP
            function submit() 
            //NEED HELP here ******
            //Need stuff that goes in here?
            //Should grab the name of the radio and the value ON/OFF
            <?php if (!empty($message)) {echo "<p class=\"message\">" . $message . "</p>";} #Display messages Debug only?>
            $max_cols = 6; 
            $i = 0;
            $visible = "";
            $button_num = "";
            echo "<form name=\"gallery\" action=\"edit_gallery.php\" method=\"post\">";
            echo "<table border=\"1\" cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"6\" width=\"100%\">";
            echo "<tr>";
            $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM gallery_1");
            while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)) {
            $button_num = $row['id']; 
            $visible1 = "";  //Establishes varibles
            $visible2 = "";  //Establishes varibles
            $visible = $row['visible']; 
            if ($row['visible'] == '1') //makes sure the correct radio is checked on load
            {$visible1 = "checked /";}
            if ($row['visible'] == '0')
            {$visible2 = "checked /";}
            if ($i == $max_cols) {
            $i = 0;
            echo "</tr><tr>";
            //Creates the dynamic table
            print '<td>' . '<center><div><img src=website/' . $row['path'] . '>' 
                . '<br>' . 'Product ID: ' . $row['id'] 
                . '<br>' . 'Size: ' . $row['size'] 
                . '<br>' . 'Visible: ' . $row['visible'] 
                . '<br>' 
                . '<input type="radio" name="' . $button_num .'"' . ' value="1" onClick="submit()" '
                . $visible1 .'>' . 'ON'
                . '<input type="radio" name="' . $button_num .'"' . ' value="0" onClick="submit()" '
                . $visible2 .'>' . 'OFF'
                . '<br>'  . '</td></div></center>';
            //Add empty <td>'s to even up the amount of cells in a row
            while ($i <= $max_cols) {
            echo "<td></td>";
            //Close the table row and the table
            echo "</tr>";
            echo "</table>";
            echo "</form>";
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Have a look at the jQuery library. AJAX is too much of an in-depth topic to explain in one answer. You need to start reading up on it first before we can help you. Also: Clean up your html. All that echo'ing out of the html and <font> (we don't use this anymore) attributes is ugly. Also do some indentation to make it easier to read for us. EDIT: Also, the whole point of ajax is to reload a part of the page, not the whole page. You might want to read up on coding design principles aswell. – Flukey Apr 3 '12 at 23:16
I feel like you dont really need AJAX, you just want to reload the page and pass some arguments to it, you might be good with adding an event listener to the radio controls if off store them on cookies or something later accesible, you can then either hide the row setting = "none"; adding a css class ( I always name one .hideme{display: none;}) or reloading the page and reading the cookies so you can make sure you dont print only what you want to print. hope this helps – rroche Apr 3 '12 at 23:18
@rroche - but he wants to update the db. how is storing a cookie going to help? he hasn't mentioned he wants to show or hide something.... – Flukey Apr 3 '12 at 23:22
@Flukey sorry I think I skipped it, I got it wrong :), on the event he would just call update.php which will handle the update sql – rroche Apr 3 '12 at 23:42

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