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I using tfsbuild for a while. It's been working well till now as per our current sructure, but now the situation is different. I know tfs build outputs to the one mentioned in sln file plus builddropbox. But my concern is i want to output the binaries of a each solution file to its different directories rather than into one flat structure. Is there a way we can do this. I am using tfsbuild and modifying the build definition per requirements.


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Try to see this post,

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thanks for your response, i still need the flat output structure as it helps me in resolving as second source for references. The issue is i have around 16 solution files and each solution file has multiple projects associated. I am still using the old definition files as i am not to conversant with the new process template yet. Is there a way where i can make some changes in build definition project file to achieve what i am trying to do. – TFSHomeBoy Apr 4 '12 at 17:57

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