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is there a way to format/beautify actionscript (as3) in flashdevelop? if not are there easy ways to do this without using the Flash IDE.

Thanks, Josh

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answer updated ... greetz – back2dos Jun 17 '09 at 22:48
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well, there was: but it does not work anymore. you should contact the developer for an update request. or install FD 3 RC 1 to do your formatting ... :D

edit 1: to use the plugin, download the dll, and put it into the plugins directory (most simple way to find it is Tools > Program Settings, should be F10 ... pleaso note you need to restart FD, for the plugin to work ... then use Alt+Shift+F to trigger the plugin ... if there are any setting, you should be able to configure them also in the program settings ... don't have RC1 now, but it should work ... otherwise just ask in the thread or contact the author ...

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i have rc 1 installed - how do i do formatting? – Josh Jun 17 '09 at 14:31

This one worked as well and it's the standard "format" key combination of Ctrl-Shift-F

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