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i would like to make a function that break lines from a string.

eg.: "1. " -> "\n1. "

so i could write a code like this

string Input = "1. First option";
Input += "2. Second option";
Input += "3. Third option";

Output = WriteMenu(Input);

and get a string like this

"1. First option
\n2. Second option
\n3. Third option"

The pattern you always be [number][dot][whitespace]
It's not a problem if the first option came with new line.

Really thanks

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So just to be clear (because it seems the current answers have overlooked this): you don't want a CRLF in front of the 1.? –  slugster Apr 4 '12 at 0:15

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Give this guy a shot

Input = Regex.Replace(Input, @"(?<!^)(\d+\.)", "\n$1")
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Works perfectly! Thanks :) –  matheusrufca Apr 4 '12 at 1:14
Regex rgx = new Regex("(\\d+\\.\\s)");
String replaced = rgx.Replace(Input, Environment.NewLine + "$1");
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A bit shorter expression like this would work too:

Regex.Replace(Input, @"(?!^)\d+\.", "\n$0")
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