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I would like to extract only tar.gz from the following strings.






out of all these strings (and many more) I need only tar.gz How do I extract them without concerned about the number of dots in them. I need to get the tar.gz in a variable.

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What happens if a file name ends .tar.bz2? Do you still want tar.gz or do you want .tar.bz2? If you're only ever using tar.gz, you don't need to get the extension; you know it is tar.gz. What happens with file.c? Is that extension .c or file.c or is it just invalid because there's only one dot in the name? Do you ever need the prefix, the non-extension? Or do you mean 'get everything except the trailing tar.gz? Do you want the terminal dot? –  Jonathan Leffler Apr 4 '12 at 1:05

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I really don't understand why you need only tar.gz:

$ x=/root/abc/xyz/file_tar_src-5.tar.gz
$ y=${x##*[0-9].}
$ echo $y


$ x=/root/abc/xyz/file_tar_src-5.tar.gz
$ y=`echo $x | grep -o 'tar\.gz$'`
$ echo $y
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This only works if the filename ends in a digit. –  John Kugelman Apr 4 '12 at 1:23

It's tricky because you're not expecting the version number to be matched. We'll need more power than just plain wildcards. We can use bash's built-in =~ regex operator to get the job done.

$ filename='/root/abc/xzy/file_tar_src-'
$ [[ $filename =~ \.([^0-9]*)$ ]]
$ ext=${BASH_REMATCH[1]}
$ echo "$ext"
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$ f='/root/abc/xzy/file_tar_src-'
$ [[ $f =~ [^.]+\.[^.]+$ ]] && echo ${BASH_REMATCH[0]}
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Not sure exactly what you're looking for. Are you trying to determine if the file ends with tar.gz?

if [[ $filename == *.tar.gz ]]
     echo "$filename is a gzipped compressed tar archive"
     echo "No, it's not"

Are you attempting to find the suffix whether it's tar.gz, tar.bz2 or just plain tar?

if [[ "$suffix" = "$file" ]]
    echo "Not a tar archive!"
    echo "Suffix is '$suffix'"

Are you interested in the suffix, but if it's a tar.gz, you want to consider that the suffix:

suffix=${filename##*.}   #This will be gz or whatever the suffix
rest_of_file=${filename%%.$suffix}  #This is '/root/abc/xzy/file_tar_src-'

# See if the rest of file has a tar suffix.
# If it does, prepend it to the current suffix
[[ $rest_of_file == *.tar ]] && suffix="tar.$suffix"

echo "The file suffix is '$suffix'"
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Another on:


IFS='.'                               # field separator
declare -a part=( ${pathname} )       # split into an array
ext2="${part[*]: -2}"                 # use the last 2 elements
echo -e "${ext2}"
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