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I have added a new column to my table Attributes which already has (id , form_id(foreign key),type,label,size,sequence no,instr) where instr is the new column i have added.

My application is in CakePHP and MySQL.

I have used the following code to insert into the table Attributes But the field instr alone not inserted.

function saveFieldname($data)//from untitledfieldname
    $this->data['Attribute']['form_id'] = $this->find(  'all', array(
                                                        'fields' => array('Form.id'),
                                                        'order' => 'Form.id DESC'

    $this->data['Attribute']['form_id'] = $this->data['Attribute']['form_id'][0]['Form']['id'];

    $this->data['Attribute']['label'] = 'Label';
    $this->data['Attribute']['size'] ='50';
    $this->data['Attribute']['instr'] ='Fill';

    $this->data['Attribute']['type'] = $data['Attribute']['type'];
    $this->data['Attribute']['sequence_no'] = $data['Attribute']['sequence_no'];


Please suggest me..

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The information about the structure of your table is probably cached. Remove the content of "app/tmp/cache/models" and try it again.

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Ya Now i have removed the files in /cache/Models folder now its done. Thank u. –  Jasmine Jun 16 '09 at 9:36
Thank you so much, I was beating my head against the wall about this –  Glenn Slaven Aug 24 '09 at 11:41
where can we do this on cakephp 2.4.3 @dhofstet? –  Leah Kwon Jul 30 at 2:53
@LeahKwon it's the same folder on CakePHP 2.4.3 –  dhofstet Jul 30 at 6:07

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