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Is there a way to offset the 'each' iteration when using the Jade template engine?

for example, when passing in the object named list:

   each item in list
      li #{item}

Will output

   <li> Item 1 </li>
   <li> item 2 </li>
   <li> item 3.....

But I want the first item to be displayed differently than the rest of the items, like so:

   <li> Item 1: First Item in list! </li>
   <li> item 2 </li>
   <li> item 3.....

So does anyone know a way to offset the 'each' statement in Jade so that I can render the first item separately and then render each following item starting at the 2nd index?

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each item, i in list
  li= item
  if i === 1
    | : First item in list!
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Thanks! I ended up using if - else to display the first item differently (i'm using partials, not the exact example i gave). Also, I had to make i === 0 to get the first item. Thanks alot! –  Steve Mason Apr 4 '12 at 14:27
Oops forgot about that lol –  Jonathan Ong Apr 4 '12 at 18:04
Doesn't work currently with Jade4J :-( –  Jackie Apr 14 at 14:50

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