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I am using Paperclip 3.0.1 on a Rails app to store PDF documents on Amazon S3. Everything is working great but my use case requires that I generate the PDF preview image from the second page of the PDF and not the first page.

In order to do this Imagemagick uses a convert command such as:

convert "document.pdf[0]" -colorspace RGB -geometry 200 "document...

The actual convert command generated by Paperclip is something like:

convert '/tmp/EmblemHealth HNY Sole_P App 2012.pdf20120403-5642-s8ep9y[0]' -resize "135" '/tmp/EmblemHealth HNY Sole_P App 201220120403-5642-12vn994.png'

It appears to me that the '[0]' index is hardcoded on the tempfile name generation but I haven't been able to find this on the source code.

Can anyone confirm that this is the case or otherwise comment on how to possibly use an option to make the index become an arbitrary number?

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Did you figure this out? –  tibbon Dec 9 '12 at 22:08
I never found it, sorry. –  lfurrea Dec 10 '12 at 14:21

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