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The default console in Ubuntu are white characters and purple background. I want to change it to green characters and black background, just like the old computer screens. I want to set all stuff to be green, including all files listed by "ls".(In the original console, different files may be shown in different colors, I do not want that).

What is more, how to set green characters in pure character environment? (Suppose I do not install X to my OS.)

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Just edit your terminal profile.

gnome-terminal: Edit -> Profiles -> Edit
konsole: Settings -> Configure Profiles

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Bash shows color in ls output using an alias. You can unset that command alias. run unalias ls from command line, and colors in list command will become monochrome. Add this line to your .bashrc file or .bashprofile so that it is set across your login sessions.

Changing console colors is very basic, a quick google will give you all steps what you need. For example this link.

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