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Ok, I am going to building some custom tab icon images as explained in the following post. But I just need to know what size do I need to build my tab icons? I keep on guessing and then putting them in this demo and they get squashed or changed. What ratio in pixels do I need to create my tab icons so that they appear right?

I will give sandy the best answer, especially since he is the only answer at this point, and because I did eventually use a 9 patch image. But I tell you what, for someone who is new to the graphic editing game, 9 patch images were a pain in the butt to use. I eventually just download someone else 9 patch image then edited the image for what I needed. If you look at my other question here. You can see the image I use as the background behind example 1 and example 2 are 9 patch images. And that works great because everything looks perfect when you move it to landscape mode as well.

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You need to create a 9 - patch image.. for more see here

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