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I have an annotations mapping on an entity that will have an ManyToOne association of type "Person" but depending on the circumstances I want to change the type of that relation to a more specific one, for example "Student".

How can I change the relationship mapping information dynamically?

PD: Actually I want to do this as a workaround of other problem ( Not finding field in polymorphic association with Doctrine2 )

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I did it like this:

    $cmf = $this->em->getMetadataFactory();
    $class = $cmf->getMetadataFor("Article");
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Be aware that your change will not be persisted. Also, if you change it during Doctrine execution, you might get inconsistent entities. I would not recommend to do so. Please read about targetEntityListener – Alexandre Salomé Nov 8 '13 at 10:52

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