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My problem is in my git repo there are some files..but when i commit if then due to..

git config core.autocrlf
this is true by default.. 

so in hex of every file it replace 0A as 0D 0A i did commit . But after knowing this problem i change ..

git config core.autocrlf , as false

But now the problem is if i push then its showing

every thing is up to date.

I know that ok, But i have to push my new code now coz of this hex code problem in every file..
So who i con do this....


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You could try, (if the push is fairly recent and nobody has yet pulled that specific commit) to:

  • amend your latest commit (by changing its comment for instance)
  • git push -force master origin in order to erase the latest commit on GitHub by your new commit, with this time the conversions being avoided.
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