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I have a scenario where i want to match specific word and then match everything until i get another pattern. For example


Then anything comes in ways

and then


I have tried (.*?) but it only match that specific line in my scenario i have multiple lines of data in between.

How can i do this?

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Closest guess to what I think you're looking for:


This uses [\s\S] which means "either a whitespace character or not a whitespace character", which is equivalent to "any character". The . can also be set to match any character, but I tend to prefer [\s\S] because it does just that without having to set flags. You haven't specified the language you are using so I can't tell you how to set such a flag anyway (it's re.DOTALL in Python).

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Multiple lines? If you mean you have newline characters (\n) in between then you need to set the DOTALL flag, as follows:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(<your-regex-here>, Pattern.DOTALL)

The above will match new line characters between the two strings.

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