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I'm trying to move nodes form a tree to another and be able to reparent nodes and so on. In order to get the track the drop event on a node in a tree I have registered a FolderDropHandler pn the tree:

tree.addFolderDropHandler(new FolderDropHandler() {
            public void onFolderDrop(FolderDropEvent folderDropEvent) {
                TreeNode parentFolder = folderDropEvent.getFolder();
                TreeNode droppedItem =  folderDropEvent.getNodes()[0];


This works fine, I'm notified when nodes are dropped on other nodes, but I am not notified when I drop on the root node (or an empty tree with just the root node). How can i handle this case? Any ideas?

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I don't have experience with drag and drop but did you just use setShowRoot or did you declared a TreeNode with setIsFolder(true) and use setRoot() to attach it to the tree? –  Alain BUFERNE Apr 4 '12 at 8:33

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