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How to create dynamically tag inside table. At first create link then inside link create an img tag like if i have..

                <img />

            // Add Some more when every time my function is run..? like that 
            // <a>
            //  <img/>
            // </a>


Im using this inside function but its didn't work help me.

$(document.createElement("img")).attr('Some attr');
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This is easily researched by consulting the official jQuery documentation. – Patrick Apr 4 '12 at 7:18
Dont forget to mark answer as accepted if you got the info you want – Pranay Rana Apr 4 '12 at 7:52
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If you mean JQuery by "jquree", then try this:

$('table tr td').append('<a href="#"><img src="/favicon.ico"/></a>');
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Well, I wasn't going to answer that, but I'm not seeing any correct answer (from my POV):

function addElement(tdId) { // Specify the id the of the TD as an argument
    $('#' + tdId).append( // Append to the td you want
        $('<a></a>').attr({ // Create an element and specify its attributes
            'href': '/home',
            'title': 'Home'

        }).append( // Also append the image to the link
            $('<img />').attr({ // Same, create the element and specify its attributes
                'src': 'image.png',
                'width': '100px',
                'height': '100px'
        ) // Close the "append image"
    ) // Close the "append anchor"

Now that is a pure jQuery answer. A javascript answer would be the following:

function addElement(tdId) { // Specify the id the of the TD as an argument
    // Create the DOM elements
    var a = document.createDocumentFragment('a'),
        img = document.createDocumentFragment('img') // See the use of document fragments for performance

    // Define the attributes of the anchor element
    a.href = '/home'
    a.title = 'Home'

    // Define the attributes of the img element
    img.src = 'image.png'
    img.width = '100px'
    img.height = '100px'

    // Append the image to the anchor and the anchor to the td

I think the js version is more readable. But that's just my opinion ;o).

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   $('.any_element_you_want').html('<a href="/home" title="Home"><img src="image.png"></a>');

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var td = $('table tr td');
td.append('<a><img src="whatever.jpg"/></a>');
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Make use of jquery and than you cna crate image element like as below


    var elem = new Element('img', 
              { src: 'pic.jpg', alt: 'alternate text' }); 
   $(document).insert(elem); //here you can also make use of `append` method instead of this method


var img = new Image(1,1);  ///params are optional 
img.src = ''pic.jpg'; 
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Im trying this, i think its work. – QasimRamzan Apr 4 '12 at 7:28
@QasimRamzan - than do accept and upvote answer if it meet your requirement – Pranay Rana Apr 4 '12 at 7:36

On Every click of button , it will add img tag with image url abc.png and add to div having id imagediv.

     var img=$('<img id="dynamic">');     
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