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I send a model to a template. The model has a collection. In the template I echo some variables and functions:

console.log(comments instanceof App.Collections.Comments);
console.log(_.pluck(comments, 'created'));
_.each(comments, function(com) {

The first three work, but the last two underscore functions don't. Pluck gives 3x undefined and each doesn't iterate.

Object { length=3, models=[3], _byId={...}, more...}
[undefined, undefined, undefined]

How do I get the underscore functions to work?

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Backbone collections have some Underscore methods mixed in so you can use the Underscore methods directly on the collection instance:

comments.each(function(com) { console.log(com) });


This one:


works fine for you because _.size looks like this:

_.size = function(obj) {
  return _.toArray(obj).length;

and _.toArray calls the collection's toArray:

// Safely convert anything iterable into a real, live array.
_.toArray = function(iterable) {
  if (!iterable)                return [];
  if (iterable.toArray)         return iterable.toArray();
  if (_.isArray(iterable))      return;
  if (_.isArguments(iterable))  return;
  return _.values(iterable);

which unwraps the collection's data to give you the correct length. The above is taken from the 1.3.1 source, the current Github master version's _.size has a different implementation so your _.size call is likely to break during an upgrade.

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Saved my day! Thnx! – GijsjanB Apr 4 '12 at 9:50

You'll want to call pluck directly on the collection, as the Collection class supports it:

So instead of:

_.pluck(comments, 'created')

You chould call:

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You're both right. Thanks. Sorry I can accept only one. – GijsjanB Apr 4 '12 at 9:51
No problem, glad we could help! – alexwen Apr 4 '12 at 9:54

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