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I have a few Java codes for which I wish to measure empirical computational complexity . There is a trend-prof tool which takes as input compiled C/C++ programs .

Are there similar tools to the trend-prof that take as an input compiled Java programs ?

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Sonar is commonly used : http://www.sonarsource.org/


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I don't think this answer is correct. I'm trying to check over here: stackoverflow.com/questions/22390310/… –  PeterSW Mar 13 at 20:49
I agree. Plain sonar is AFAIK not able to do this. There might be a plugin, but the answer is at best incomplete. –  Drunix Mar 13 at 20:51
Of course you have to eventually activate/install plugins, but that goes without saying when you are using sonar :) . You will find plenty of them reference in sonar documentation: http://docs.codehaus.org/display/SONAR/Plugin+Library –  Farid Mar 14 at 15:06
So which plugin provides computational complexity analysis for Java? I can not find any reference to one myself. –  PeterSW Mar 14 at 15:54

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