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I'm trying to do a project where I want to build a plugin in either Nginx or lighttpd webserver. The purpose of the plugin is to expose a data storage system to protocols like CDMI, SOAP ,REST, Amazon S3. I'm confused with which one to choose. I see that both are much simple and with light footnote. But I want to take the simpler of the two, because I'm still very naive i programming. I see that both Lighttpd and Nginx are of C++. Please say me which one is easier to work with for a new, inexperienced developer?

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You can google for benchmark tests for both.

We switched to Nginx from Lighty and Apache2. It definitely performs faster than Apache2. Regarding Lighttpd, the project is not under active development last few years...

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Lighttpd's still under development. The just nailed HTTP servers right so long ago they haven't needed to continually add new features ;) lighttpd.net/2012/5/31/… –  David Souther Jun 3 '12 at 20:49
Life changes so fast... I said "the project is not under active development" and it doesn't meant it's dead ;-) –  Roman Newaza Jun 4 '12 at 1:01
Jan got Lighttpd right first time, work still continues on lighttpd 1.5 light is by no means dead. –  Oliver Ridgway Jun 18 '12 at 14:06

I would choose lighttpd. The configuration is very simple and the defaults in the config will suit 99% of cases (most lighttpd.conf's are less than 50 lines).

If you want to take a test drive of a WLMP stack on your local PC you can try http://en.wlmp-project.net/ while the install is in Hungarian its very very straight forward.

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By "plugin", I'm going to assume you mean an application, probably written in PHP or Python, running on top of either server, rather than a formal "plugin" in C and compiled into the server.

I find lighttpd much easier to configure, and have a published a good set of default configurations for PHP development at Crosslight. If you have any specific questions on getting a project started on crosslight with PHP, please ask :)

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