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I'm using Qt 4.8.1, and set the window icon with:


However, no matter how big the svg icon is, the icon shown in the menu bar or when using "alt-tab" in gnome is always very low resolution and "pixelized".

How can I make it render the icon in a higher resolution?

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Seems like this can be only avoided when providing a desktop menu entry with a high a resolution icon.

I downloaded qtcreator to test it: When running the version from the web, the icon is bad. As soon as the installed version is run, it works, because the icon from the menu is used.

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I run into the same issue; I have a PyQt4 window where the icon was specified in QtDesigner, and the same icon loaded via setWindowIcon in c++ in another window. The one from the designer and in python is not pixelized with alt-tab, while the one (loading the same .svg file into QIcon) is badly pixelized. – eudoxos Jun 8 '14 at 18:35

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