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i am developing an application in mvc..where i have two dropdown boxes for state and district On the basis of value selected in state District dropdown is populated... I have made a function called fetchdistrictbystate() in service class since m using Nhibernate But i am not able to get the id of the selected value in state dropdown..

I have done this so far...

public ActionResult Create()
    int defaultProvincialStateId =0;
    ProvincialState provincialState = new ProvincialState();
    CommonService commonService = new CommonService();
            //Gets the Default ProvincialState id from configuration file.
            int.TryParse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["DefaultProvincialState"], out defaultProvincialStateId);
            ViewBag.DefaultProvincialStateID = defaultProvincialStateId;

            provincialState.ProvincialStateID = defaultProvincialStateId;

            ICollection<ProvincialState> stateList = commonService.GetAllProvincialStates();
            ICollection<District> districtList = commonService.FetchDistrictByStateId(provincialState);

            ViewBag.State = stateList;
            ViewBag.DistrictNames = districtList;
        catch (Exception) { }

For now it is taking default value from which is defined in my web.config file

Inside view i have made this:

  @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.state.ProvincialStateID, new SelectList(ViewBag.State, "ProvincialStateID","ProvincialStateName"),"--Select State--", new { @id = "State" })<font color="red">*</font>

 @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.district.DistrictID, new SelectList(ViewBag.DistrictNames, "DistrictID", "DistrictName"), "--Select District--", new { @id = "DistrictName" })<font color="red">*</font>

But i want the user selected value for my dropdown... and may be because of this i get an error while saving i.e On post saying parameter null

Please..please help me!!!

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You got 1 accepted answer out of 11 question. can you fix it please? –  gdoron Apr 4 '12 at 8:32
You may want to accept answers for some of your old questions as some people may be put off answering your question as it's so low. –  mattytommo Apr 4 '12 at 8:32

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