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I am writing an SQL wrapper over MySQLdb.

Sometime during execution I am getting the following error in DMSG and the process crushes:

python[xxx]: segfault at c8 ip 00007fa1add6b882 sp 00007fa1abb77c60 error 4 in 

How can i debug this fault? Did someone encounter this kind of error before ? The bug is obviously not in the script, but I assume I am doing some bad calls that trigger that bug in the client.

Any suggestions on how to solve it ?

Python 2.6.6 with libmysqlclient.so.16.0.0 running on Debian 6.0

Thank You

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There's not really enough information here to solve your problem. However, if you are using threads, give each thread it's own connection object; don't try to share them between threads. That is the most likely cause of a segfault in this case.

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