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I'm working on a project, and decided to write a Google App for a Google Apps domain. I don't know a lot about these things, but I am willing to learn :-)

I created a new application, set the authentication to users of a specific google apps domain, uploaded my application with Eclipse, (my "application" is a html site with javascript), And I added this application as a service on my Google Apps domain,

But it is still viewable for everyone on the internet... I know I should do something with the Users Java API, but I don't understand this... (where should I do that, what should I do?)

Sorry for the beginners-question, but me and my project would be very thankful if anyone could help.

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You only need to use Users API if you want to check user authentication in your code.

OTOH, if you only need to secure some resources (like your html/js/css files, could be static or dynamic) then just configure security access in deployment descriptor, for example, to secure all files in /static dir:

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Thanks :-) I knew it wouldn't be that difficult, but I couldn't find a tutorial for people who don't know a lot about programming etc. – user1312390 Apr 4 '12 at 15:14

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