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I have a mailcomposer in which i have attached a file through coding(hard-coded)..

I need to have a button so that When i press the button.It should ask which file to attach...

My code is shown below in which i am attaching the file hordcoded...

UIImage *img=[UIImage imageNamed:@"Mehmood.jpg"];
NSData *imgData=UIImageJPEGRepresentation(img, 1);
[composer addAttachmentData:imgData mimeType:@"image/jpeg" fileName:@"Mehmood.jpg"]; 

Even I need to attach any file which i am selecting after button click(not the specific one like png/jpeg)...

Please help... Thanks in advance

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maybe this will help you.

Where's the iPhone MIME type database?

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Sorry,I didnot understand... I need to select a file from my ipad/iphone whether it be from phone or it's memory card of phone(if present).... How to add button for composing mail in the mfMailComposerViewController for selecting the attachment... –  vshall Apr 4 '12 at 10:12
@vishaldharmawat its a link dude chek this link . it shows that code return myme type. maybe that would help u. –  ChintaN -Maddy- Ramani Apr 4 '12 at 10:13

You cannot really modify the standard mail composer window to add your own buttons. You should ask the user what they want to attach before presenting the mail composer.

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