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I know that in Jsoup when you want to find a certain Element with a link in it, you can do this:

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(text); 
Element links ="[href]"); 

This however, takes all links to every website in the page...

But what if I have multiple links, and I only want to retrieve the ones specifically linking to google. For instance:

<a href="">Google</a>
<a href="">Bing</a>
<a href="">Another Google</a> 

And I want it to take only those with google in it. I tried doing something like this:

Element links ="[href=\"\"]"); 

But this doesn't work... does anyone have a suggestion?

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Have you tried simply this:

Element links ="[href=]"); 
Element links ="a[href=]");

//Or with the 'attribute contains' form, the most likely to work:
Element links ="a[href*=google]");
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Well damn... it actually worked... thanks mate –  ZimZim Apr 4 '12 at 10:41

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