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(The database is on my PC)

My database worked just fine for a month, and then this error came. It is not related to a specific file, nor a specific project (Even if I'll create a new website and try to add a new database file, this error will pop)

I guess it happens because the sql server is not running on my PC, and it is true that I don't see any sql related process running.

How the I fix it?

P.S. I know this error has a lot of threads on the internet and even here in SO. But most of them solve the problem for a complicated, secured connection with a remote server. All I want is to create a new empty ASP.NET website and add a new .mdf file for it on my PC.

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It may be related with the SQL Service authentication which you have to verify from the control panel->Administrative tools->Services. Locate SQL Server(Express) Try changing the Log on As Network Service instead of local system.

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I have no idea what these options mean, but it is already set as "Network Service". However, I knew what my problem was (The sql server is not running) and by showing me this services list I was able to start the sql server service, it now runs and I can see it in the processes (sqlservr.exe) and the problem is solved. –  Jong Apr 4 '12 at 11:36

that is a error Locating Server or Instance.

Try connecting by IP.

Have you disabled SQL Server browser?

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