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I'm using a an array in mongoid to store user roles and it mostly works fine, but I have the problem with rails passing in a blank to an array and mongoid saves it.

["", "admin", "editor", "author"] 

Formtastic does this automatically to avoid another problem, I for get what. But the problem is that mongoid saves the blank in the array. How can I tell it to ignore blanks?

<input id="user_roles_none" name="user[roles][]" type="hidden" value="" />


  field :roles, :type => Array, :default => ["author"]


  ROLES = %w[admin editor author]

  class << self
    def with_role(*args)
      any_in(:roles => args)

I'm sure I could make a callback before_save and remove nils, but surely there's another way I'm overlooking?

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You can override the roles writer method and do a compact on it.

def roles=(values)
  write_attribute(:roles,{|v| v.blank? ? nil : v}.compact)

[EDIT] : Like explain on comment by Mik_Die. you can do like :

def roles=(values)
  write_attribute(:roles, values.reject(&:blank?)
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or simple write_attribute(:roles, values.reject(&:blank?)) – MikDiet Apr 4 '12 at 12:07

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