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I'm fairly new to Azure and I'm using Blob storage to store some binary images, but I can't seem to figure out how to programatically get my Azure storage endpoint URLs?

I am trying to render out some <img> tags that render correctly locally using the simulator, or when deployed to my live Azure instance.

So for example if I launch my site locally it would render out as:

<img src="" />

and when deployed to Azure it would render out as:

<img src="" />

Obviously one way would be to just store it as a setting in my ServiceConfiguration.Local.cscfg and ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg files, but there must be a way to get this value programatically.

enter image description here

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You're correct in that your connection strings should be stored in your configuration, and you can have different values for local and cloud. This is very simple to get at, programmatically:

First, make sure you set a config setting publisher during role startup:

CloudStorageAccount.SetConfigurationSettingPublisher((configName, configSetter) => configSetter(RoleEnvironment.GetConfigurationSettingValue(configName)));

Now just retrieve your storage account and pull the URL:

var storageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("MyStorage");
var urlBase = storageAccount.BlobEndpoint;

At this point, you'd base your IMG tags off urlBase.

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