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I am having fight with Zend Form decorators from long but I always forgive as I had no work with them.But now I have, and I want to win. Either I found documentation not so explanatory or I was unable to understand its usage. I always worked on pure HTML & CSS. Now zend form decorators are quite bit confusing FOR ME.

Does anyone has tutorials, method, or anything by which I can beat decorators so that I get forms as per my designs. In other way I m saying please SPOON-FEED me zend form decorators, so that I dont face problem ever. Some of form design which I may use, or can be taken for example for explaination using zend are available @ http://cssglobe.com/collections/forms/

one more thing : I was sending values to form from controllers. Populate function only populates values. But I want fields which are db specific to get placed in design as I want. So fetching them & passing to form is also of great concern because I don't find a way for achieving it neither by setting a public variable or any internal zend form method.

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See if these answers are any help: stackoverflow.com/questions/7589603/… stackoverflow.com/questions/4191216/… –  drew010 Apr 4 '12 at 21:54
@drew : U should seriously become a human resource professional, because u really understand what type of designer & developer I m and what I am searching for . Though I was not expecting such trick to achieve this, but now if this is a way, I m going to use this one. Links to methods mwop.net/blog/… & stackoverflow.com/questions/7589603/… first answer :) –  Aakash Sahai Apr 5 '12 at 12:02

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My personal recommendation is to use the ViewScript decorator, which will allow you to output the form into a template.

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how?? If I would be knowing that, why would I have posted question?? I need very clear and easy example to design UI as per my wish. –  Aakash Sahai Apr 4 '12 at 14:03
Sure...here is a real life example featuring 4 files 1) form.php (the form class) 2) index.php ("controller" file) 3) index.phtml (the main view) 4) form.phtml (the partial used to render the form with ViewScript pastebin.com/iscFgh41 –  blockhead Apr 4 '12 at 15:18

Finally I found solution @ http://blog.kosev.net/2010/06/tutorial-create-zend-framework-form.html as I want :)

But this was still not complete solution as my requirement were little bit different. So for that I found another solution @ http://paveldubinin.com/2011/04/2-columns-form-with-zend-form/

So mixing the two, I have complete solution for me :)

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New solutions suggested by drew above. Link 1 : stackoverflow.com/questions/7589603/… &Link 2 : mwop.net/blog/… –  Aakash Sahai Apr 5 '12 at 12:04

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