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here my problem: I'm developing an application using DexExpress wpf GridControl 10.1, c#, Net 4.0 and I use checkbox dropdown lists to filter columns. Now when I set a filter on a column, and then try to filter on a second one, on the second filter it shows all the values of the column, and not only the visible ones. Let me do an example:

C. A   C. B   C. C
1        A       q
2        C       a
1        B       q
2        C       t
2        D       f

Noe: if a set on Col. A the filter "[Col. A] = 2", and then I drop down the checklist filter on column B, I see:


while I would see only:


(as in Excel)... What can I do?

Thanks in advance!


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The solution is provided by DevExpress support team here: filter popup

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