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I'm using this selectList plugin

The problem is that for each element the user adds, I want allow them to specify a quantity. I can do this with a template:

   $(document).ready(function () {
      clickRemove: false,
     template: '<li><a>%text%<a/> - <input id="cnt_%value%" name="cnt%value%" type="text" value="1" /></li>'

I need to set clickRemove to false otherwise clicking on the text box remove the element. However, with clickRemove: false, I can't figure out a way to allow the user to remove the element.

I've tried the suggestion from @Esailija, and this works to remove all of the items:

  $("ul.selectlist-list").on("click", "a", function () {
     var selectList = $('#mySelect').selectList({ instance: true });

And I can pass a hard-coded ID to remove() and that works, but I can't seem to find the value associated with the element I'm trying to remove. The value of the input element is a quantity, not the ID of the selected item.

So how to I get the value of the selected item to pass to remove?

I have tried to add a remove to the template:

  template: '<li><a href="#" onclick="$(this).parent().remove()">%text%<a/> - <input id="cnt_%value%" name="cnt%value%" type="text" value="1" /></li>'

And that removes the item from the display, but does not allow it to be re-selected. Is there a way to do this, or another plugin that would allow this type of functionality?

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Try this (Without the inline handler)

$( "ul.selectlist-list" ).on( "click", "a", function(){
    var $this = $(this),
        $input = $this.siblings("input"),
        selectList = $this.closest( ".selectlist-list" ).prev("select").selectList({instance: true});

    selectList.remove( $input.val() );

Even if it doesn't work (depends on your HTML structure), you get the idea. You need to call the remove method of a .selectList instead of just deleting elements directly as the plugin will have no idea that you did this.

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Check source code of library, there is a solution for removing elements:

 $list.children().each(function () {
            if ($(this).data('value') == value || typeof value == 'undefined')
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