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I execute the following:

SELECT url FROM mytable WHERE 1

result: url: 'http://www.ciao.es/Epson_Stylus_S22__2007613'

Everything ok by now...but when I do:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE url = 'http://www.ciao.es/Epson_Stylus_S22__2007613'

I get nothing!!!

I tried using LIKE, changing the quotes, etc... what am I doing wrong?

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Do you have '' in your url field? I mean are u getting result in with '' like 'ciao.es/Epson_Stylus_S22__2007613'; –  Pari Apr 4 '12 at 12:07

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You are having ' ' in your table field url .So if you are querying you will get output like this: 'http://www.ciao.es/Epson_Stylus_S22__2007613' (with in single quote) SO Write in this way:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE url = "'http://www.ciao.es/Epson_Stylus_S22__2007613'"

Or remove single quote from table.

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thank you... i feel stupid xD –  Perroloco Apr 4 '12 at 15:52

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