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Is there a method for posting comments on pages with Facebooks js api? FB.api(). You can post on a persons wall with

FB.api('/me/feed', 'post', { caption: message, name: "the tile",  description: "a neat message", link : "http://www.stackoverflow.com" }, function(response) {});

But is there an equivalent of posting a comment to a page? Without the social-plugin "comments box". Anyone?

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All of the graph api is built on urls, all of the different SDKs (including the js one) just wrap up the http requests for you.

As the documentation for page states:


This connection corresponds to the Page's Wall. You can create a link, post or status message by issuing an HTTP POST request to the PAGE_ID/feed connection. To see more details please see links, posts, and status messages documentation.

To impersonate the Page when posting to the wall (i.e. post as the Page, and not the current user), you must use a Page access_token with the manage_pages and publish_stream permissions, as described under Page Access Tokens above.

To do that from the javascript sdk then is something like this:

FB.api('/PAGE_ID/feed', 'post', { caption: message, name: "the tile",  description: "a neat message", link : "http://www.stackoverflow.com" }, function(response) {});
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This seems correct, but it tells me "(#200) This API call requires a valid app_id". I tried adding app_id: 'MY_APP_ID' to the params argument but it didn't help. Any thoughts? – powerbuoy Nov 6 '12 at 3:24
The js sdk should add the app id, so it's not the real problem.. Are you sure the user is authenticated? – Nitzan Tomer Nov 6 '12 at 12:53
Hmm no :P I'm not sure of that. I do pretty much the same thing as when I ask a user to share on his own wall. Only when I do that everything works fine. Are you saying that in order for a user to share something on my page's wall that user needs to first login to my app or something like that? Why is that required for posting on my wall - but not on the user's own wall? – powerbuoy Nov 6 '12 at 16:18

yes you can, but you must be administrator of the page and you must request the access token with the correct authorization: publish_stream, offline_access, manage_pages, read_stream

there is a great tutorial here to get your access_token and to post message: http://sp4ce.net/computer/2012/02/15/facebook-page%3A-automatic-answer.html

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Here is official Facebook page for that: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/page/

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Seems that it is not possible, and will never be:

This functionality was never and is not intended to be available.

An error message has been added for this case: "Comments may not be added to a comment plugin"


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