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This question has been asked many times before, but they all seem to relate to problems before the Open Graph was 'opened'. As a new user, I also can't make this question useful, i.e no images or links. If you want to see the images I've posted, you'll have to copy and paste...

There's a few things going on here, so please bare with me and read everything I say before jumping to an answer.

First of all, my Action is approved.


Additionally, the action shows as being available to all users.


publish_actions has been added to the Auth.


I also have objects and aggregations setup correctly.

The auth preview also shows the correct settings (although the dialog currently doesn't stay open to see it, it used to).

When I try and connect with FB to the site, I don't see publish_actions. Instead I see the second stage of the dialog, for publish_stream. I set this by mistake the first time I saved the app, but quickly changed it.



This is where I think it gets even stranger. If I take a look at the FB profile for one of the app developers, and click through too the app from there, while not registered, I see the correct permissions.


Yet another twist to the tale, which makes it even harder for me to debug, is that it seems since playing with the aggregations, I can't even get publish_actions permissions despite being listed as an app admin. (I've read that every action needs an aggregation before FB will process any actions sent by the server.)

/**/ FB.ApiServer._callbacks.ff2f1615c({"error":{"message":"(#200) Requires extended permission: publish_actions or App must be on whitelist","type":"OAuthException","code":200}});

That's the error I get when I complete the action on the site, http://purple.fr/boutique

Have I missed a setting somewhere? Have I done something I shouldn't? Should any of this be controlled in the code on the site?

Thanks in advance

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When a user connects to your site, you should be asking for the publish_actions permission instead of the publish_stream permission. The referral dialog settings (where you already ask for publish_actions) only works when a user clicks on the action from within Facebook. It won't work for users already on your website.

In your login function (FB.login), make sure you add the permission publish_actions.

That aside, it looks like it's all working now.



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This was the crucial bit I missed: "In your login function (FB.login), make sure you add the permission publish_actions." So simple! –  Alex Cragg May 25 '12 at 9:37

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