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I would like to use the :as parameter on a namespaced route, like so:


map.namespace :banana, :as => 'apple', do |banana|

But it seems that the :as parameter is only available to map.resources. Am I missing something, should I refactor my routes?

I'm stuck on Rails 2.3.8 for this situation.

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:as is for map.resource only, since it is used as a way to override the route, instead of using the Model's class name. Here are the 2.3 Rails docs

Why bother with :as => 'apple' and just use apple as the namespace?

map.namespace :apple do |apple|
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Because of the refactoring. All the links with banana_path should now be renamed. But as I come to think of it, it might be not that much of an issue. I hoped there was a backdoor, but apperently there is none. – Justus Romijn Apr 4 '12 at 13:04

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