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I am working on asp.net using c#. I have to adjust an image by taking a portion of that image. I want to crop a portion of image from middle. can anyone help me please.

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What have you tried? Why don't you try a google search? switchonthecode.com/tutorials/… –  Ash Burlaczenko Apr 4 '12 at 13:39
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If you're doing it on the server, I suggest using a server-safe wrapper instead of using System.Drawing directly, so you don't have to worry about avoiding the 29+ pitfalls and bugs.

My ImageResizing.Net library offers both automatic and manual cropping


new ImageJob(source,dest,new 

Manual (by percentages)

new ImageJob(source,dest,new 

Manual (in source image coordinates)

new ImageJob(source,dest,new 
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I have done this by getting co-ordinates of the image's portion by Jquery.

jQuery(function($) {
            onChange: showCoords,
            onSelect: showCoords,
            onRelease: clearCoords
    function showCoords(c) {
    function clearCoords() {
        $('#coords input').val('0');
        $('#yheight').css({ color: 'red' });
        window.setTimeout(function() {
            $('#yheight').css({ color: 'inherit' });
        }, 500);

Then I used these co-ordinates to crop image in C# like

String savedFileName = uploadProfileImage(profileImageName, new System.Drawing.Rectangle(Int32.Parse(xaxis), Int32.Parse(yaxis), Int32.Parse(xwidth), Int32.Parse(yheight)));

public String uploadProfileImage(string profileImageName, System.Drawing.Rectangle rectangle)
            String retFileName = "";
            if (profileImageName != null || profileImageName != "")
                GenerateCroppedThumbNail(profileImageName, rectangle);
            return retFileName;
        catch (Exception)
            return String.Empty;

That works fine

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What does GenerateCroppedThumbNail do? Why don't you display that as part of your answer as it seems to be the most important part –  link64 Feb 21 at 1:18
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