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I am havin SystemType class template, which should give unique id for every system.

//.h file:
extern atomic_counter MY_API s_nextSystemTypeId;

template <typename T>
class SystemType 
    static unsigned getId();

    static unsigned next();

template <typename T>
unsigned SystemType<T>::getId()
    static unsigned sysId = SystemType<T>::next();
    return sysId;

template <typename T>
unsigned SystemType<T>::next()
    return s_nextSystemTypeId++;


//.cpp file

atomic_counter s_nextSystemTypeId(0);

But this code does not work when it is used through multiple DLLs. In one dll:

SystemType<System1>::getId(); // = 0
SystemType<System2>::getId(); // = 1
SystemType<System1>::getId(); // = 0

but when using in other dll

SystemType<System1>::getId(); // = 2
SystemType<System2>::getId(); // = 3
SystemType<System1>::getId(); // = 2

How can I enforce only one template class instantiated?

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