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I was thinking to host my new project build process on the cloud to save time and money
are there any hosted/cloud-based hudson/Jenkins services available other than cloudbees?

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The only other hosted Jenkins I've seen is http://jenkinshosting.com. I've never used this so can't say how good the service is and unless it's an Open Source project the cost feels on the high end.

If it's CI rather than specifically Jenkins you're interested in then Travis http://travis-ci.org/ might be worth a look.

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They have no pricing information on the jenkinshosting website. Makes it hard for me to form an opinion on it. –  ecbrodie Mar 15 at 23:01
Travis CI only works with Github, that makes it not so generic solution. –  kontulai Apr 24 at 12:09
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Cloudbees offers jenkins services in the cloud. It looks pretty cheap and we are considering to use it.

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Did you end up using it? What's your opinion of it? –  logan Jun 7 '12 at 22:13
Keep in mind that if you are using the free version of CloudBees, you'll be susceptible to their support site. For example, I need the latest Android tools installed for my Jenkins job, and they won't do it. –  Igor Ganapolsky Jan 31 at 20:36
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