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I am currently working with SQL Server 2005 and I had the question arising whether you can have a Login with a different Loginname. I came to ask the question as the query

SELECT * FROM master.sys.syslogins

throws up, amongst others, the two columns "name" and "loginname" both displaying the same values. So I asked myself if it was possible to have a Login called "XTest" where the user can actually log on with the Username "Test"...

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No, it is not possible! Both columns have always the save value. You should not use sys.syslogins (in any database) at all in any current SQL Server version. This table is still provided for backward compatibility, use sys.server_principals and sys.sql_logins instead.

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Thanks. Sys.sql_logins is actually much better... –  TradeItEasy Apr 4 '12 at 14:40

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